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boat's age

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Von: kalafiorek
Datum: 28.07.05

Hey! I'm from Poland, but recently I've bought a German boat. It's an old
nautivela with 4090 number. Can anyone tell me, how can I get the copy of
measurement certificate and maybe could you tell me, how old this boat is.
Thanks a lot

Antwort #1
Von: Johannes GER-2592
Datum: 31.07.05

Dear Kalafiorek,
you can get the measurment certificat by 470 class. Take a look at the imprint
on the page from www.470er.de and you´ll find the adress. You can also call to
+49-201-237087, it´s the number from AS 470 Deutschland e.V.
If you get the measurment certificat you can find the age on the document.


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